Photography Lessons

Photography Lessons

Choose from a wide range of one-on-one private courses customised to suit your needs in both the Landscape and Portrait genres as well as courses that cover all genres. From half day beginner courses to two day master series courses we have it all covered!

Private tuition in the comfort of your own home or a local location of your choice!

From complete beginners to city & guilds standards.

Ideal for students in half term holidays.

We supply one off tuition and block courses.

All our lessons are undertaken using the latest digital SLR equipment.

How to use your DSLR One-on-One Course
This one-on-one course is designed for those newbies who have purchased or are looking to purchase a DSLR but don’t quite know their way around their cameras.
Our entry level one-on-one course teaches you the basics of how to use your DSLR with a very hands-on focus. By the end of this half-day/4 hour course you will have acquired a sound knowledge of all the fundamental settings of your DSLR and leave you with the confidence to switch-off Auto mode and begin taking advantage of the creative possibilities that semi-manual and manual shooting modes deliver.
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Beyond the Basics Photographing Landscapes One-on-One Course
Suited for those people who are either completely new or have some experience using a DLSR and have an interest in photographing places and landscapes.
Part one of the half-day beyond the basics landscape photography courses, this one-on-one course will equip you with the knowledge to begin capturing landscape images that you will be proud to call your own! Put an end to the frustration of achieving poor results and fast-track your learning with this completely customised course to suit your specific needs and skill level.
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