Day in the life

Huntress (Job in London City)

  1. Plan the journey, underground/Tram
  2. Take equipment across, one day prior to the job
  3. Arrive 12 midday set up studio lighting & background.
  4. 1pm start being to take headshots of the staff
  5. Take some pictures of the video crew filming.
  6. Video crew takes pictures of me doing the shoot.
  7. Take the final headshots.
  8. It’s a wrap.
  9. Journey home in the rush hour with all the Equipment
  10. Begin to look through all 200 images
  11. Edit and crop images
  12. Send images to the client,
  13. Send client invoice

Croydon partnership & Westfield & Hammerson.

On Saturday, 2nd September we visited Croydon to shoot some buildings

  1. 8.00am I packed up all my kit into my rucksack & proceeded to walk to the tram station.
  2. 8.30am I got off the tram at the reeves corner as there was two buildings there I needed to shoot.
  3. 9am after shooting these I walked up George St into town. I had a list of 30 buildings to shoot and proceeded to go around the route prior to the shoot I had already walked around the route which took 1h 30 mins as I was going round I was finding that it was taking much longer to shoot than anticipated this was due to walking around each building trying to get the best shots at various angles.
  4. 1pm stopped for lunch
  5. 1.30 restarted shooting and continued until 5pm at which time I covered around 23 sites after a full day of shooting and carrying 7 kilos of equipment on my back you can imagine I was feeling very cream crackered, but unfortunately I was not finished and had to go back on the Sunday morning to complete 7 more sites.
  6. Sunday 3rd September
  7. 9am got into Croydon and the weather was not looking as nice as Saturday, but had to just get on and get it finished. When I arrived home, I downloaded the 1100 images in preparation to start the editing process on Monday which took around 5 hours to complete with viewing the images I was pleased with the results and even happier when my client passed a commented on how good the images are and how they loved my work!
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